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Speciality Services and Programs

Intensive Therapy Programs

Daily therapy sessions for 2-3 weeks (Monday-Friday) depending on the needs of the child.  Used to provide an initial boost or additional support to overcome a specific challenge.

Food School

This program follows the SOS approach to feeding and is designed to help children broaden the repertoire of foods they eat through positive, playful and interactive experiences.

Integrated Listening System (iLs)

This program calls itself the "Brain Integration Program" through its use of music, sounds, movement and visual activities.

Astronaut Program

A specific program which works on the integration of movement (vestibular), sound (auditory) and visual systems in order to help children become more regulated, focused and skillful in motor and perceptual tasks.

The Listening Program

This programs helps children improve their skills in executive function, stress response, motor coordination and creativity through the use of specially tailored music and sound.

Parent Workshops

We offer a number of parent workshops throughout the year on topics such as managing challenging behaviors, limit setting with love, sleep and toilet training. 

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