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Group Treatment Sessions

We provide therapy groups in pairs (dyads) and small groups (3-6 children), depending on the needs of the child. Groups are specifically matched by age, skills and needs.

Types of Groups:

  • Sensory Integration/Regulation and Social Thinking

This group is designed to help children stay calm and organized while learning and practicing the skills necessary to navigate social interactions. 

  • Sensory Integration and Emotional Support

This group is for older children and is designed to help them understand the emotional and physical effects of sensory processing challenges on their daily life.

  • Finger Olympics (fine motor group):

This group is for older preschoolers and is designed to help children prepare for the fine motor expectations of Kindergarten. 

Ethnicity Diversity Group of Kids Friend
  • Food School Group

Food school is a program based on the SOS Approach to Feeding.  This program is designed to address all of the factors involved in feeding difficulties, including specific sensory and motor aspects around food that may be impacting your child's willingness to try new and varied foods.  The therapy sessions are led by a trained Occupational Therapist using a play-based, gradual desensitization approach around food.  Sessions can be group or individual format depending on the specific needs of the child and group availability.

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