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Informational Pamphlets

For all the new and updated information regarding programs and services offered at TeeKoz Kids, check out our new pamphlets!

TeeKoz Kids Pamphlet

TeeKoz Kids

Pediatric Occupational Therapy 


Do you want to know more about what OT is, how to know if your child could benefit from OT or what specialized programs TeeKoz Kids offers? Check out our pamphlet to find out.....

TeeKoz Kids' 

Bottom-Up/Top-Down Approach

Does your child have frequent, intense or unexpected meltdowns? Do they have a hard time recovering? Does this negatively affect the functioning of your child and family? If so, we can give you and your child the tools needed to help them get to a more calm and regulated place- and improve the dynamics of daily life.

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Food School_edited.png

TeeKoz Kids Food School


Are mealtimes stressful? Does your child have a limited or unhealthy diet? If so, we can help break down the barriers to healthy and positive eating - and provide the tools needed for you and your child to reach that goal.

TeeKoz Kids Finger Olympics


Does your child have the skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten? Are they able to efficiently use their hands to manipulate objects and use classroom tools? Do they dive into or shy away from fine motor tasks? We can help you and your child get sound footing for Kindergarten expectations through fun and motivating group activities.

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