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The TeeKoz Kids Therapeutic Approach

Our model is unique in that it combines bottom up (sensory processing) and top down (cognitive behavioral) tools and strategies to help children regulate and "tune in to others".  Consistent self regulation and "tuning in" helps to create multiple opportunities to practice and cement the skills needed to perform age appropriate motor, social, play, communication and self help tasks.  Observations of sessions, understanding and practicing the use of tools, and practical applications at home and in school are used to help support carryover from parents, caregivers and teachers. 

How is the approach like a dance?

  • Through play, we "flow" back and forth between the root of challenge and higher level skills.

How do we do this?

  • We use child led play as a format and infuse many "just right challenges" into the context of play.

What is the "just right challenge"?

  • A just right challenge is a level of challenge that moves a child to a higher level of function but not so high that they feel overwhelmed and unable to do it.  This applies to sensory processing, motor, play, social, communication, self-help, attention, regulation and cognitive/behavioral challenges.

How does this apply to the "dance" concept?

  • Flowing between levels of challenge within play creates multiple opportunities to fluidly and dynamically work on all of the child's areas of need, at the level they can handle.

How do we get challenges to be "just right" while we are playing?

  • We are constantly scaffolding tasks to make it more or less challenging across many areas of development (motor, sensory, social, emotional, behavioral, communication, play, attention, regulation and self-help)- while adding or fading supportive cues. 

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"After 15 years of collaborating with Teri Kozlowski and her team; I can truly say they are experts in their field; not only in their diagnosis and treatment of young children, but also in their comprehensive work with parents and caregivers around their child's needs.

— Stephanie, Special Need Coordinator

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