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Intensive Therapy Programs

What is it?

The intensive model of therapy is a uniquely designed program using daily occupational therapy sessions for 2-3 weeks (Monday- Friday) in order to "jump start" a child's progress or to get the child over a hurdle at a faster rate and to teach parents the tools and strategies for implementation at home. 

Who is it for?

This model works well for families who are just beginning occupational therapy services and are feeling in crisis-mode with their child or for families who need a "boost" in their child's therapy to get beyond a specific obstacle.

What is unique about this program?

Parents/caregivers are an integral part of the process.  Parents are invited to observe all sessions and have an active role in practicing the strategies with their child under the therapist's modeling and guidance.

What is included?

  • Daily therapy sessions for 2-3 weeks (Monday-Friday), depending on the needs of the child.

  • Parent observation and participation in daily sessions to get a first-hand view of the approach and to learn very specific strategies for helping children develop key skills that are modeled by the therapist.

  • Parent consultations at varying intervals during the intensive, based on need, to discuss how their child is progressing and how parents can implement similar strategies at home.

  • Videotaping is done regularly to use as a powerful tool in parent education.  It allows the therapist and parents to view and talk about specifics of the therapy. 

  • Follow-up home and school visits are highly recommended to ensure continuity across all settings.

"We participated in Teri's 3-week intensive session with our son and, by the end, had witnessed remarkable progress, both for us, and our son.  Our son went from being extremely busy with difficulty channeling his high energy into appropriate channels, to being able to respond to our redirection, and understand the boundaries we set for him."

      - Laura, mother of a 2-year-old boy 

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