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Food School

(the SOS approach to feeding at TeeKoz Kids)

What is it?

Food school is a program based on the SOS Approach to Feeding.  This program is designed to address all of the factors involved in feeding difficulties, including specific sensory and motor aspects around food that may be impacting your child's willingness to try new and varied foods.  The therapy sessions are led by a trained Occupational Therapist using a play-based, gradual desensitization approach around food.  Sessions can be group or individual format depending on the specific needs of the child and group availability.  

Is this program for your child?

If this describes your child, he or she would be an ideal candidate for this program:

  • Eats less than 20 foods

  • Screams/cries when "new" foods are presented

  • Avoids certain food groups

  • Has aversions to textures, tastes and smells

  • Has overall difficulties with eating and drinking

  • Has mealtime "behaviors"

  • Seems to have a fear of food

  • Has foods they once loved to eat, but refuses them now

  • Has to have the TV or iPad on in order to eat

  • Refuses to eat with other people or in other environments

  • Has difficulty managing tougher foods such as meats and hard vegetables

What makes our program unique?

  • Group Format (when applicable): Research shows children feel more confident learning new skills amongst same-aged peers with similar challenges.

  • Live-Video Feed: Each session parents get to watch their child in real time and observe the progress they are making.

  • Parent Support: When in the Food School group, while the children are in session, parents are engaged in lessons led by an SOS-trained social worker or therapist in order to better understand their child's specific eating challenges and how to facilitate a more varied food diet at home. 

  • Home Consults: We want the gains made in the clinic to carry over into the home.  Home consults ensure that new skills and strategies used in the clinic setting generalize to the home environment.  

To learn more about the SOS feeding approach that is utilized at TeeKoz Kids Pediatric Occupational Therapy check out, 

"Sami made learning about food and the feelings around eating less scary and overwhelming for my daughter."  

-Mother of a 4-year-old girl

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