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Let's Start Outside

With the possibility of cabin fever setting in, let's start this off outside!  Fresh air can do wonders for our overall mood, arousal and energy; however, sometimes we need just a little help coming up with what to do once we get out there.  We have you covered with this activity.... CHALK!

Chalk offers not only a creative outlet for children, it also provides a significant amount of feedback to their hands, as well as their eyes, while they are drawing.  

Using chalk is great for the development of foundational fine motor skills, such as grasp, hand strengthening, arch development and visual motor integration.

Chalk is an activity children of all ages can enjoy, with endless games, activities and tasks that can tap in to almost any interest area or skill level with a few adjustments or modifications.

Ideas for chalk

  • Hopscotch: great for movement, heavy work, motor planning and coordination.  Have your child help you with drawing the squares and putting the numbers in the boxes.

  • Letter or number jumping: writing letters on ground, have child jump from letter to letter, either in sequential order or to spell names or site words.  If you space letters out can do animal walks (bear walk or crab walk) between letters. Incorporates visual scanning, heavy work, motor planning and postural control.

  • Shape/color jumping: if your child is not yet identifying letters or numbers, use shapes or colored circles and have them jump to an identified shape or color.  Incorporates visual scanning, heavy work, motor planning and postural control.

  • Listening game: with letters/numbers/shapes or colors on ground, provide a sequence of 2-3 and then have them jump or crawl to the stated item on the ground in that order.  Great for auditory processing, motor planning and "tuning in", as well as visual scanning, heavy work, motor planning and postural control.


Check out our forum linked here, feel free to share, post and contribute, a great way to share ideas and stay connected.

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