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Testimonials from  Referring Professionals

"I have been working with Teri Kozlowski and her team for almost 10 years. I cannot speak highly enough of the practice. Not only are the providers trusted and proficient, they have individually reached out to provide extended and collaborative care for our mutual patients. TeeKoz Kids provides a comprehensive setting that offers children and families the support they need. I refer children for occupational, speech and related therapeutics on a daily basis, and I am always happy to connect them to this practice.  The professionalism, service philosophy and caring approach is unsurpassed!"  

                                                           -Karin M. Belsito, MD, Developmental Pediatrician, Bethesda

As a teacher, I think of my work as a 3-legged-stool, needing the child, the family, and the teacher to stand securely.  When the child’s “leg” needs OT support, there could be no team better than Jenny and Teri to help.  They assess with care and then bring joy and purpose to their work with the child.  Importantly though, they also address the needs of the other 2 “legs” to support and encourage the family and the teacher with ideas and suggestions, which extend the therapeutic strategies.  We all benefit from working with Jenny and Teri.

                                                          - Preschool Teacher

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Teri Kozlowski and her group for the past 15 years.  They are truly experts in their field, not only in their diagnosis and treatment of young children, but also in their comprehensive work with parents and caregivers around their child’s needs.  Throughout my years of work with ITS, Teri and her associates have educated and trained an infinite number of parents and professionals on the disorders and developmental needs of young children.  Their attention and skill surpasses that of many in this field and is what any parent would want for their child who needs support.

                                                         - Stephanie, Director of Early Childhood Development

"I view the work of TeeKoz Kids through two lenses. The first is as a parent whose children, many years ago, benefited from both occupational and speech therapy through other practices. While I directly experienced their growth, I didn’t learn alongside them. I wanted to support them, to understand what was going on, but this was simply not the model of support. I remember sitting in the waiting room wondering what I had done wrong or not done. As a parent, we want to take action and provide comfort and care for our children, I felt adrift and confused. I knew I was doing the right thing and my children were getting what they needed, but I also needed help.

As an educator, I choose TeeKoz Kids because of my own experience with therapies. I want what is best for the children I teach and they will experience that, but I also want their parents to get the support and the connection they need as well. The top down model offered at TeeKoz Kids is both effective and comprehensive. It perfectly supports our whole child philosophy. In addition, the parents and in turn, the school, are given strategies and methodology that extends all that is experienced at TeeKoz Kids."

                                                           - Lesley, Director of Co-op Preschool

Teri Kozlowski is a “therapist’s therapist”. She is the quint essential occupational therapist. Her  expertise is always expanding and she works tirelessly to adapt her scholarly knowledge into the clinical setting. As a child development consultant, my team works in early childhood centers throughout the tri-state area, our mission is to observe and strategize for children who are struggling and provide strategies for teachers and parents to support the child in the classroom environment.  I have had the opportunity to refer many children to Teri Kozlowski and her team of therapists. The children that I personally refer, have made measurable gains in their sensory motor, visual fine motor, gross motor development, self- care skills and ability to self –regulate. Teri and her colleagues make considerable efforts to bring their clinical expertise to parents and educators by communicating the goals and objectives of the therapy and providing suggestions for both home and school environments.

I can fully recommend  Teri Kozlowski and her team if your child requires occupational therapy.

                                                            - Judith B. Greenberg, M.S.,OTR/L, 

                                                              Child Development Consultants, LLC

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